Sunday, April 10, 2011

Announcement: "Dragon's Ark" by Thomas Burchfield. Now available in Paperback at Independent Bookstores, Amazon and B&N

A Tale of the Supernatural by Thomas Burchfield

For over a century, Dracula—the King of Nightmares, the Superman of Evil—has been quietly casting his dark and impish dreams in the sleeping souls of a High Sierra community, who only know him as the eccentric old recluse who lives under the forbidding peak known as Dragon’s Ark. But now, facing a modern world bent on cleansing the shadows from his enchanting, haunted world, the Vampire King brings a dying woman back from the brink and ensnares her in a grim, ruthless struggle with resort developers over the future of his mountain kingdom.

Dragon’s Ark is a weird, thrilling, and violent tale of supernatural power, intrigue, betrayal, and surreal bloody revenge that follows a fabulous legend’s bizarre and bloodthirsty quest to preserve his life and power against the relentless, dreamless light of the 21st century.

“Like a tightrope artist, Thomas Burchfield seems eerily at home walking the fine line between the comfortably familiar and the terrifying. His characters—people you'll recognize, and like—have all blundered much too close to the portal of the unknown. And what resides beyond that portal makes Hell look like Club Med. Dragon's Ark is not a book to read just before nodding off. Unless you're on very good terms with your nightmares.”

David Corbett, author of Do They See Me Running?

“Burchfield muscles his way into Stephen King country, like he’s Bram Stoker taking a stab at writing Our Town — the sort of entertainment where you transport Transylvania to the mountainous peaks of California. Population: a large and diverse cast of characters. Then grab a seat, in anticipation of the first droplets of blood”

Don Herron, author of The Dashiell Hammett Tour Book and Willeford

"Thomas Burchfield is a world-class master of suspense and makes a heavy statement on the blood-sucking exploitation that goes on all around us. Dracula not only lives in our world, he is our world. With a language clear and beautiful as a sunset, Burchfield leads you down the path of darkness"

John-Ivan Palmer, author of Motels of Burning Madness

Now Available from Ambler House Publishing
In POD Editions Through Lightning Source/Ingram, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble!
Coming Soon in e-book Editions!

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