Wednesday, January 4, 2012


DO NOT CATCH THIS FLU. The Flu first emerges as a deceptively mild cold that lasts for 3 days or so. You may even feel the cold disappearing and your energy flaring anew, but DO NOT BE FOOLED. For verily, on the 4th day, the Flu shall blossom and soak and rage through your helpless flesh, and your only entertainment will be the flashing interior of your eyelids. Yea, even when the second day arrives and the fever has abated, DO NOT BE FOOLED (as I am not), for it may be merely resting and lurking, prepared to ambush, to strike, to attack again, as it chortles and chuckles like Lee Van Cleef, delighting in its boundless evil. I repeat: DO NOT CATCH THIS FLU. Thank you.
 Photo by author.
Copyright 2012 by Thomas Burchfield

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